Explainer Videos

What is an Animated Explainer Video

Several companies are using what are called “Explainer Videos” on their websites, social media and online.  As the name implies they simply explain a product, service, website, platform or anything that needs to be, well… explained.  They can be fun and whimsical, or have a more serious business tone. They are generally geared towards potential clients and used as a marketing tool but they can also be used for a variety of other purposes.

Here is a sample of an explainer video created by Firecracker Media:

Here are a few examples of how animated explainer videos are used:

Marketing and Advertising

Explainer videos can be extremely effective in grabbing the attention of a prospective buyer and drawing them to you site.  The important thing here is that you not only have a great looking video that people will want to watch, but also include a call to action or link to your website if that is what you are promoting.  Links should be included not only in the video itself, but also on the page the video is located to encourage the viewer to click.

Sales On your Website

Once visitors arrive on your site, you only have a very short to engage them and get them to take further action.  A video is an incredibly effective way to do this.  For this type if video you will want to convey important information and include a message that urges them to take action. This could be clicking the buy now button, making a donation, or signing up for your service.

Website Information

Maybe you want a creative way to welcome visitors to you site.  Having a video can give a quick overview of features as well as say hello and add a persona touch.  It’s important to match the style, look and feel of your website in order to keep everything looking seamless.

Product or Service Explanation

Sometimes it takes more than words to express your product or service to a viewer.  With video you can showcase what you want easily and effective.  You can highlight features or give a brief overview of what your offering.

Training or Tutorial

Video is a great tool for educating viewers. With the proper tutorial video you can train employees, teach new users how to use your site, or explain in depth technical information easily.  Plus the viewer has the option to pause and rewind the video and watch again until they understand completely.  With the right look and style your training video can not just informative but fun and entertaining as well.

And More

These are just a few examples of how explainer videos are used. But it should give you an idea and maybe some inspiration for your next project.


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