Determining your style

How to get your message across – creating a great animated explainer video

Creating an effective explainer video for your product, platform, service or business takes several key elements


Determining your Target Market

You probably already know who you are trying to reach, so now you need to decide what style will be the most effective way to reach them.  The style of your video will largely be determined by your target market.  In fact most of the creative direction will be driven by knowing what will appear to your client base.  Choices like music, animation style, voice over, colors, tone, and even sound fx will be heavily influenced by the who you want to reach.

Determining the style

If you’re having difficulty determining what direction to go in style wise, you can start by simply deciding between professional or whimsical.  This gives you at least a starting point to move forward from.  Asking a few more questions can help narrow it down even further.

Here is a short list of questions you can ask to get an even better idea:

  • Should your video to contain a lot of text for a typography feel?
  • Do you want to use animated characters to explain things?
  • Do you want to include animated icons or graphics
  • Do you want to incorporate stock images or video?
  • Would you like to use a voice over or will the video be all images and text?

After answering those questions you should have a better idea of how your video will look.

Find other Videos that you like

Another way to really nail down the style is to watch other videos, see what you like and don’t’ like.  What types of videos are being used by your competition?  If you nee some inspiration, take a look at this page of portfolio samples

Hopefully now you have a bit more direction on what type of video will work best for your comapny. And if you are ready to get started, then click here to find out how Firecracker Media can turn your concept into an effective animated marketing video.

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